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Air Conditioning Repairs In Dayton

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Albert Services is proud to be Dayton's reliable air conditioning repair contractor for all air conditioners from manufacturers including Trane, American Standard, Armstrong, Ruud, Bryant, Carrier, Rheem, Lennox, Goodman, York, Amana, Janitrol, Tempstar, Heil, and Samsung.

Air conditioning repairs are rarely a do-it-yourself project because today's modern A/C systems involve an array of mechanical systems including electricity, gas, refrigerants, air ducts, and many other components.

A broken down cooling system can make life uncomfortable when you're stuck in a hot and humid house during warm weather. Our HVAC company makes sure to arrive FAST to keep you comfortable.

We offer a complete range of air conditioning repairs for Dayton homes including:

  • Replacement parts or brand new systems
  • Preventative checks and tune-ups
  • Emergency service when you require it
  • Repairs on all major brands
  • Custom duct work
  • Conversions
  • Post-repair inspections
  • Obtaining necessary permits

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioning Thermostat:

Your air conditioning thermostat is the heart of the system and one of the most common air conditioning repairs we need to make. A programmable thermostat will save you money on your energy bills every month and will extend the life of your air conditioning system because you can select only the areas of your home you want to cool. You can stop cooling rooms from now on that you're not using. If you want to convert to a programmable thermostat, call us today.

Air conditioner blowing warm air:

Your air conditioner's compressor may be dirty. The compressor is outside your home, so carefully check to see if it's clogged with debris or leaves. Or, you could have a refrigerant leak and you'll need to call for service to recharge the unit and find the leak.

Air conditioner won't come on:

Once again, check the thermostat and then check the power to make sure the circuit breaker is not tripped. There is also a metal box on the wall outside; make sure this is not in the off position. If those are all working and your A/C still won't come on, you'll need to call for service.

Weak air flow from ducts:

This could be a dirty A/C filter causing the air conditioner's compressor to freeze up, or a refrigerant leak, so you need to check the level of the refrigerant in the A/C system. This is when it's time to call us and let us check it for you.

Air conditioner filter:

We recommend you change your air conditioning filter once a month. The A/C filter is located in the air handler inside your home and there will be instructions on the air conditioner for changing the filter; look on the side of the old A/C filter when you remove it and make sure to note the thickness of the filter as well as the length and width if you need to buy new filters. If you need help with changing your filter, call us.

Air conditioner making noise:

There are many reasons for noisy air conditioners and the motor in the air handler on your air conditioner is one of the common causes, as well as A/C fan blades that are bent. Old ductwork in your home can become noisy because it can become soft over time and move around. Call us and we'll check it out for you.

Water on floor around air conditioner:

Air conditioners create water or condensation in the process of cooling your house and there are pans under the air conditioning unit and they can rust and develop leaks, or the air conditioning PVC pipes can develop leaks at the joints. If you find ice in the pan under your air conditioner this is another sign that the filter is dirty or you're low on refrigerant. In all cases you should call us and let us confirm this for you.

Noise from air ducts:

Air conditioning ducts contain metal so they can make noise and if you're hearing popping sounds, this is thermal expansion in the metal ducts and the most common sound is air escaping from leaks in ducts. If you can locate these, you can fix them with an approved sealant but all the above-mentioned repairs are hot, dirty work, especially during the summer, so you may want to give us a call.

Mold in air conditioning system:

We're seeing a lot of mold right now on fan blades and on the inside of the air handler. This will move through your home in the air conditioning ducts, so we'll carefully check for mold when we're inspecting your air conditioning system. Our maintenance programs can keep this from ever occurring again. Call us, we'll explain how.

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If you're looking for an air conditioning repair company in the Dayton area, please call (937) 444-HELP or complete our online request form.