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Electrical Inspections In Dayton

Electrical inspections

Whether you're currently experiencing problems with your Dayton home's electrical system or not, getting an electrical inspection identifies problems before they can get dangerous. Not all issues are noticeable, with no tell-tale signs you have bad wiring, loose connections, or an outdated breaker panel.

Getting a professional electrical inspection from one of our master electricians at Albert Services will cover every component in your Dayton area home. If there's a problem, the electrical inspection will uncover it.

If it's been more than five years since your last inspection, contact us today to make an appointment. While our Dayton electrician is there, they'll also identify whether you need electrical repairs for home safety.

Ensuring Your Home Isn't a Fire Waiting to Happen

One of the most important reasons to get electrical inspections every five years or so is to make sure the wiring and electrical panel are safe and up to date. If your home is older, you may still have an outdated electrical panel which can fail to respond to circuit overloads.

WARNING: If your home has a Federal Pacific panel or breaker box, you need to take action!

Federal Pacific Electric Company (FPE) was one of the most common manufacturers of circuit breaker panels in North America from the 1950s to the 1980s. Millions of their panels were installed in homes across America.

The Consumer Product Safety Commissioner (CPSC) and independent researchers are recommending replacement of Federal Pacific Electric circuit breaker panels and Stab-Lok circuit breakers because they're a latent hazard and can fail to trip in response to overcurrent, leading to electric fires.

These breakers may also fail to shut off internally, even when the toggle is switched to "OFF". Some double pole (240 volt) FPE circuit breakers and single pole (120 volt) FPE Stab-Lok circuit breakers simply don't work safely. The failure rate exceeds 25%. Please take this issue with the utmost importance. The safety of you and your family is not worth the risk!

If you're not sure whether you have a Federal Pacific panel or breaker box, give us a call. We'll perform a thorough electrical inspection.

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If you're looking for an electrical inspections company in the Dayton area, please call (937) 444-HELP or complete our online request form.