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6 Signs You Need to Go Ahead and Call a Dayton Plumber

Signs You Need Dayton Plumber

It's completely understandable to put things off, especially when it involves the expense of hiring a professional like a Dayton plumber. However, the plumbing repairs you need now will only turn into more expensive repairs later if you put them off.

Even if the problem seems simple, there are tell-tale signs to look for which mean the problem can get much worse. Here are 6 signs you need to go ahead and call a Dayton plumber for help.

Toilet or Drains Back Up Frequently

Frequent drain clogs and backups won't get any better until you hire a Dayton plumber to troubleshoot the problem. The longer the backups and clogs go on, the more water damage your home will suffer. Most backup problems can easily be solved.

You need to get a video inspection to find out what's going on in your sewer lines if the cause isn't easily identifiable.

If tree roots are growing into the pipes, they must be removed and the pipe repaired. Pipelining is a good way to replace old sewer lines that have been broken by tree roots.

Hopefully, it's a simple problem like your septic tank needing to be pumped out or a clog has formed in the sewer main. Call a professional to do an evaluation so you can avoid expensive water damage repairs later.

Your Faucets Screech

Faucets that screech when you turn them on are usually a simple problem to fix. Most often, there's just some air in the lines and the air can be bled off. Your plumbing system is supposed to stay pressurized under a certain amount of water pressure. Air in the lines can force the water pressure backwards as the faucet sputters, causing damage to the water lines.

You Have Low Water Pressure

The most common reason for low water pressure is a plumbing leak. We all know that plumbing leaks can ruin the flooring, cabinets, walls, and other areas where pipes are located. If your low water pressure problem isn't evaluated and repaired by a professional, it will eventually turn into a very expensive water damage restoration project.

Gurgling Sounds Coming From The Plumbing Drains

Do your plumbing drains make a gurgling sound as the water drains away? This may mean you have a drain clog or a plumbing vent problem. The biggest reason to go ahead and call a Dayton plumber is the sewer gas. If you're pipes gurgle, sewer gas is being released into your home.

Sewer gas can include methane, esters, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides. This isn't something you want your family exposed to on a regular basis!

You Have Smelly Drains

Smells coming from areas where your plumbing drains are located need the attention of a professional. As we mentioned, sewer gas is toxic so there's no good reason to wait.

A Dayton plumber who offers water jetting drain cleaning service can remove all the buildup and goo which is coating your drain pipes and causing clogs.

You Have Hard Water

Hard water is an easy problem to solve with the installation of a whole-house water softener. What you may not know about hard water is how damaging it is to your entire home plumbing system.

The sediments which coat and build up inside the pipes are very corrosive. They coat everything, including the inside of your faucets, fixtures, shower heads, drains, pipes, garbage disposal, dishwasher, washing machine, and water heater. Installing a water softener now can save you tons of problems and expensive repairs later.

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