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Did you know??

Jul 21,2017

There is a lawsuit involving Flushmate III Pressure-Assist Flushing system (Flushmate System) manufactured from October 14, 1997 to April 30, 2011. Settlements provide money to homeowners who have incurred or will incur unreimbursed out of pocket expenses for the installation of: (1) Flushmate II repair kit; (2) a replacement pressure vessel; or (3) a replacement […]

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Ever thought about your sump pump?

May 12,2017

If you’re like me, it probably doesn’t cross your mind and I work for a Plumbing company in the Dayton Miami-Valley area. It is one of those things that sits in the corner and is forgotten about. We all expect it to just work but don’t consider maintaining it like we do our cars. Just […]

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Know the causes for clogged drains in Dayton, Ohio.

May 08,2017

Tree roots Growing into the joints or cracks of old sewer pipes. Concrete or clay pipes installed between 1920 and1970 are the most vulnerable to this due to the installation of the times Concrete and clay pipes  Can get crushed by tree roots growing into the sewer pipe causing major separations or by roots encasing the pipe.  Offset Pipes […]

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Who Is Responsible For Repairs When Your Sewer Backs Up? You or the Sewer Dept.?

Apr 26,2017

Who gets the bill for sewer repairs? When it comes to typical plumbing issues in the Dayton-Miami Valley area, the responsible party is almost always the homeowner. Water flows into your home from the Dayton Miami-Valley water department so any failure is almost always after the water gets to your home.  Your sewer system is […]

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Hot Water & Children Dangers

Dec 01,2015

Making sure that your children are safe is not an easy task. Small children are more susceptible to harm than adults in most homes. There are things that every parent or homeowner can do to lessen the danger in their homes. One of the biggest dangers involves the temperature of the hot water in the […]

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Water Heater Maintenance

Aug 01,2014

Your water heater requires regular maintenance to ensure it operates effectively and efficiently. Proper water heater maintenance will help you save money on your energy bills as well as extend the service life of this appliance. Professional water heater maintenance should be performed regularly, but there are steps you can do to improve water heater […]

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Learning to Sail

Jul 10,2014

By Wendi My husband and I have a deep desire to learn how to sail. Recently, we seized the opportunity to start our learning when we were at in Florida while on vacation. A couple of Saturdays ago, we contacted a sailing instructor for some instruction, put on our new Sperrys and we set sail […]

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