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The Win – Win of a Service Prevention Plan

The Win – Win of a Service Prevention Plan

Maintenance on any home can add up to frustration and expenses. A Service Prevention Plan (SPP) is a preventive maintenance program covering the different systems in your home. With our program, you get the benefits listed below and we service your home maintenance needs during our slower times. SPPs are automatically renewable every year. You have the option of paying for it upfront or monthly.

Just like dental or medical preventive care, your systems also benefit from regular check-ups. It is proven that you WILL enjoy savings in the long run, a lot of savings.

Your SPP Membership Benefits

Priority Service

Service Partner Plan (SPP) members get priority scheduling over non-members, for both regular and emergency service. On those cold, hot or rainy days, this benefit is priceless.


As a SPP member, you get discounted pricing up to 15% on all work we perform in your home. Although the big benefit of  preventive maintenance is “peace of mind,” saving a few dollars doesn’t hurt.

No Emergency After Hours Fees

Non–members are charged a non-refundable fee to come out after hours and holidays. These fees are based on past history with our company. As a SPP member, you are charged our standard everyday fees no matter if it is after hours or a holiday.

“No Remembering” Scheduling

In today’s crazy, fast-paced world, not having to remember some things is a good thing. With our program, we remind you. We will send out a postcard first and follow up with calls, reminding you what needs to be done.


This program is not like the big box stores’ programs that are for the original buyer only. If you move and are still within our service area, you can take this program to your new home. If you move outside of our service area, you can transfer the remaining balance to the new homeowner. Any homebuyer would see added value to the home.

Our Promise

If for any reason we need to return to your home to fix something that is part of our program, we will apply that year’s SPP investment toward the repair. We know that everyone at Einstein HVAC is the best and this is just one way we prove it. You can choose the options you want to keep your family safe and your home comfortable. Options are listed above.


Our SPP members will receive exclusive specials each quarter or more often. These specials will only be available to active SPP members. These specials will range from coupons to free services. We feel that loyalty goes both directions.

SPP Extra Benefit

For each consecutive year that you maintain your SPP program, you will receive a $50 credit toward the replacement of a new system. This is our way of saying thank you. (Plan must be maintained for consecutive years. If there is a gap in coverage, all credits will be forfeited).


All of our work comes with a one year warranty. This is four times what the average service company offers. (The average warranty is 90 days). We know that everyone at Einstein HVAC is the best and this is just one way we prove it!

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